Saturday, 7 May 2011

US the Invader: The Ends Justify the Means?

All news reports about the killing of Osama Ben Laden highlighted the angle that the world is now safer with the leader of the "terrorists" movement Al Qaida murdered and his body hurriedly thrown into the sea. Is it true that the world is going to be more peaceful now? I tend to agree with the Australian PM Julia that as long as the root cause is not attended to and resolved, terrorism will always be around and alive and kicking. I am not sure what root cause she had in mind but for me the root cause is the failure of the West (especially the US) to ensure that Israel comply with international laws and UN resolutions. Many UN Resolutions (in particular the one ordering Israel to withdraw from Arab territories captured during the 1967 war) were blatantly ignored by Israel and the Jewish state somehow never get punished. Contrast that with any Arab/Muslim country not obeying the UN or US who were promptly slapped with embargo or outright invasion. With this scenario, what is the point of observing the laws. They must be thinking that they will be better off taking up arms and fight. The laws could not be relied upon to protect them. In fact this was the root cause giving rise to "terrorist/extremist" organizations such as communism (particularly in Russia and China), Hamas, Fatah and Tamil Elam.

Another aspect conveniently ignored by the global media is the fact that the US had violated the sovereignty of another nation, Pakistan. This is not the first time that the US had shown disrespect to other nations, while those not respecting the US had been known to have been harshly punished. The ends justify the means. The pot calling the cattle black.


  1. The murder of Osama does not solved the world woes as tabulated by you Idris.

    I saw a cartoon of a begger who took shelter under a newspaper in the rain which read "Bin Ladin dead" and beside him is the placard "still unemployed. please help". My impression: whatever happened the social problem is not going to go away.

  2. Tokcik,

    Yes, it won't solve the problems and it's bcoz one superpower can behave the way they want without having to worry about being challenged by another superpower. How I wish the Soviet Union had not disintegrated.