Wednesday, 20 March 2013

MISC: Part 2

With the delisting of MISC Berhad being expected to take place anytime soon, allow me to list here a number of now famous personalities who used to be on its payroll.

YB Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop: The Deputy Home Affairs Minister joined MISC in 1981 as Senior Legal Executive after resigning from the Government service. His tenure in MISC lasted less than 2 years. Nevertheless what was interesting to tell was that when he came on board, he together with other executives of the same grade, had to put up with the open office concept, i.e. no room. Being accustomed to the Government’s practice of providing rooms for all Division One officers, he felt awkward and appealed to the Management to provide a room for him. The Management agreed and other executives too benefitted from his effort.          

Dato' Joseph Salang Gandum: The Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Culture joined MISC in early 1980s as a manager in a subsidiary company in Sarawak. Following the closure of that subsidiary office in Sarawak, he was transferred to the head office in the Peninsular which he reluctantly accepted. During the first few weeks of his new working life in the Peninsular, he had several altercations with the Director of Personnel and Administration, Encik Azmel Hj Maamor (as he then was) over his new allocation of duties.  

Dato' Azmel Bin Hj. Maamor: This former Federal Court Judge joined MISC in early 1980s as Director of Legal Affairs but later assumed the higher-ranked post of Director of Personnel and Administration. He too did not last long here.   

Dato' Aznil Hj. Nawawi: This popular compere joined MISC in mid 1980s after completing his tertiary studies on MISC scholarship. Although he studied economics, he preferred to work in the PR line. Throughout his stint with MISC, he was always active in organizing events for the company.

Abdul Aziz Abdullah: Perhaps not many people know him. This former civil servant joined MISC in mid 1980s as Deputy Managing Director following the acquisition by MISC of a company he jointly owned with two others. What was interesting about him was this: He contested (on Semangat 46 ticket) against Dato’ Khalid Yunus (then a Deputy Minister) for Jempol parliamentary seat in the 1995 general election without resigning from MISC. When MISC was alerted of it, he was asked to leave which he did but later took MISC to court. The case was subsequently settled out of court.  

Datuk Mohamed Abid: He was a member of the top management of one of MISC’s subsidiaries during the 1970s and 1980s. He is now an author of several books but more well-known as a besan (I can’t find English equivalent for this word) of Tun Dr Mahathir as his daughter is married to Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir


  1. mr idris,

    you missed out one big name i.e. datuk azizan abd rahman husband of tan sri zarinah anwar former chairman of sc.

    dol said

  2. Mr Dol,

    I believe it's not your real name as I can't recall the name during my days with MISC (1975 to 2004). Yes I remember (Datuk) Azizan was in Tanker Dept together with Kuok Khoon Kuan (Currently CEO of Maybulk), Capt Yip Nai Kong and Chandra Perumal to name a few.

  3. I( marvel at your bank of famous names in industry.
    I wonder what the delisting of MISC truly means to Malays.

    1. Al-Manar,

      Sorry for belated reply. Somehow your comment was overlooked despite me not receiving that many comments!

      As it turned out, Petronas failed to get the required 90% acceptance and the proposed delisting is now off. Thus, your question has been rendered academic.